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05 декабря 2018, 02:57

Tour Vermeer’s Masterpieces From Home With AR Gallery

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It’s rare to see a famous artist’s collected works in one place. It’s even more rare to see them from the comfort of your living room.

The Google Arts & Culture app this week introduced Pocket Gallery—an augmented reality art museum, currently featuring all 36 of Johannes Vermeer’s masterpieces.

Step into the  virtual exhibition space to see the Dutch painter’s scenes of middle-class life, including the acclaimed “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” as well as “The Concert”*, stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston 28 years ago.

Start by choosing a room, then move your phone or tablet around to see what’s on the walls. Double tap a painting to move closer, and swipe up from the bottom for more information.

“As you step closer, you’ll see each painting in stunning detail and can learn more about each piece,” Google Arts & Culture program manager Lucy Schwartz wrote in a blog post.

You can also join “in painting tours,” curated by The Hague’s Mauritshuis museum to provide guided insights into pieces like Girl with a Flute.

And, dive even deeper into Vermeer’s art, legacy, and life with expert stories: Hear from Tracy Chevalier, author of the 1999 historical novel “Girl with a Pearl Earring.”

The feature is available via the Google Arts & Culture application for Android (with ARCore) and iOS (with ARKit).

No, you won’t feel the same sense of awe as standing face-to-face with a real classic—near enough to feel the brush strokes and smell the oils. But Google’s ultra-high-resolution gallery comes impressively close. (Plus, it’s free, and there’s no danger of jet lag or crowds.)

“Today, Vermeer resonates in pop culture references around the world,” Schwartz said, citing Justin Richburg’s “Icons,” which reimagines Vermeer in the 21st century, and shows how the subjects of his painting became icons themselves.

* With an estimated value of more than $200 million, it remains one of the most expensive missing items on the FBI’s list of stolen art.

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Source: https://www.geek.com/culture/tour-vermeers-masterpieces-from-home-with-ar-gallery-1764024/?source